Our Story

We started because of a common connection built around Det 019

Our story beings when a group of former Det 019 graduates attended a virtual detachment reunion in September 2020 during the COVID pandemic. The reunion was hosted by then Col Terrence Adams and Lt Col Carina Harrison. About 30 or so active duty, retired, separated, and reserve alumni gathered to share their stories and reflected on the positive impacts the detachment had on their lives. The detachment commander, Lt Col Andrew Hunter also attended our reunion and provided an update on the detachment and cadets, along with the challenges based on what was currently going on in their world. As we discussed ways we could collectively help the cadets at Detachment 019, we decided to meet again, determined to do more than merely pontificate. After a few more follow on meetings, we started to explore the concept of an Alumni Association as a mechanism for channeling resources to the detachment, with specific focus on facility beautification, mentoring cadets, and possibly raising money for scholarships.

Over the course of the next months, we researched requirements to create such an organization and determined the best way forward would be a non-profit organization. We determined a name and voted...the Association was established October 2020. We continued to refine the bylaws and eventually signed them shortly after.

We also wanted to ensure we collaborated with the University as well as the Detachment Commander as we recognize we could do more with this partnership to give back to the cadets. In working with both entities, we have formed relationships that will provide long lasting support to the University as well as the detachment.

We are ecstatic to give back to the organization that contributed to our individual successes. The first contribution made to the Association was in December 2021. And we continue to contribute so we can give back to those that are coming behind us. Our goals, values and principles are founded on mentorship, guidance and scholarship. We truly believe it takes a village to make a family.

Founding Members: Terrence Adams, Carina Harrison, Hermon Armstrong, Kevin Wood, Dalian Washington, Danielle Edelin, Scott Hall, Howard Watkins, Marcus Primm.

First Executive Council: Carina Harrison, Hermon Armstrong, Kevin Wood, Danielle Edelin, Scott Hall, Howard Watkins, Marcus Primm.

First Board of Directors: Terrence Adams, Carina Harrison, Dalian Washington, Howard Watkins

Contributors: Andrew Hunter, Tyesha McBride, Shillette Reed, Yolonda Glenn