Det 019 Alumni Association Mentorship Profiles

We would like you to meet some of our mentors and mentees, along with their perspectives on mentorship

Col Scott Hall

Mentoring has been a foundational element of my professional growth and I am grateful for the opportunity to walk beside others in similar fashion

Cadet Ben Nguyen

The program is great. You will meet one of many great mentors like mine, Col Scott Hall. He is committed to help me with whatever questions that I have about the Air Force, my AFSC, moving, etc. If he doesn't know the answers, he will try his best to find them. He has given me a better understanding about the Air Force.

Maj John "Q" Everage

Why it matters: It’s a principal way to build tomorrow’s leaders

What it means to you: Mutual professional growth & brotherhood/sisterhood. Sharing win/loses.

How the program has helped you: It has helped me keep my leadership fresh! R2 re-blued me with his fresh look at our Air Force.

2d Lt Kenneth “R2”

Rafanan-Reynolds Jr.

Why it matters: Mentorship enables young and seasoned leader development.

What it means to you: We can all improve our wealth of knowledge on life and leadership, but wisdom can only be gained through experience. Mentorship blends these worlds together and allows the parties to establish wisdom without experience.

How the program has helped you: The program has reaffirmed the importance of the intrapersonal aspects of leadership